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Guild Leader Mss_Pain

Black Desert Online

We started a little guild called Multigamers on the EU Servers.  We simply wanted to create an environment that promoted socialization, making new friends, having a team-first attitude, a Priority of maturity and respect for one another. We wanted a guild for grown-ups, where we’d understand that your life outside of a game has priority over what goes in it ! Our Clan is very active in this online MMORPG ,  always people online in our BDO Guild. So whether you’re new to the MMORPG scene or an old EQ vet, if you’re the type of person who will invest in the guild you’re in, get to know those around you and generally having a good time, Focused on accomplishments or being part of a group who’s top in something other than awesomeness, you’ve probably searched for your last guild.

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