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    VS-860B Touch screen desktop scent delivery system
    VS-860B USB electrical scent delivery system machine is with touch screen control.Easy to refill the perfume oil with the rotating structure design.Elegant appearance with aluminum durable material.Perfect for 200 square meters places such as homes,offices,supermarkets,VIP rooms,4S shops and more.
    Quick Features:
    *Brand new design with simple opening structure,easier installation
    *200 square meters coverage with tiny body design
    *Long life compress air pump,up to 8000 hours working life
    ModelVS-860B scent delivery system machine
    ColorBlack,Silver,Rose gold
    Noise Level<40dba
    Essential oil for VS-860B aroma diffuser
    Only oil-based essential oil could be used for our VS-860B aroma diffuser.
    And the function of the essential oil is included below:
    A. Helpful to the body recover :
    Most of the essential oils have a curative effect and help the body to balance and improve the ability to heal itself.
    B. Helpful to the mind
    Oil can promote the formation of endorphin, affect the nervous system, improve people’s mode of thinking, emotion and relieve pressure.
    C. Does not bear a burden on the body
    If used properly, will not be a burden on the body, but the artificial fragrance will remain in the body, but also make the body produce serious disease.
    Installation of VS-860B scent delivery system machine
    1,Rotate the upper part with anticlockwise,the atomization subject and oil canister will be automatically separated from the bottom part.
    2,Screw oil canister anticlockwise to separate it from atomization subject and pour essential oil into the canister(maximum 100ml)
    3,Tighten the essential oil canister with the atomization subject clockwise.
    4,Install the atomization subject and oil canister together with the bottome part
    5,Set working time to use this machine
    If there is a long time,we do not use the VS-860B scent delivery system machine,we suggest to use the alcohol to clean the machine inside.
    STEP 1:Put the alcohol into the essential empty canister
    STEP 2:Turn on the machine for 10-15 minutes
    STEP 3:Turn off the power and pour off the alcohol
    Reminder: Every 1-3 month,we need to clean our scent delivery system machine as above steps.
    VS-860B scent delivery system machine has one year warranty from the date you buy.China Desktop Scent Diffuser

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