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    Sea freight from China to Djibouti
    In recent years, China’s diplomatic relations with African countries are more and more frequent. International sea freight is rising along with the development of relations between the two sides.
    As a freight forwarding company in China, Oulian supply chain Co., Ltd provide quality African sea freight services to customers who make business between China and Djibouti.
    The Port of Djibouti is a port in Djibouti City, the capital of Djibouti. It is strategically located at the crossroads of one of the busiest sea freight routes in the world. The port serves as a key refueling and transshipment center, and is the principal maritime outlet for imports to and exports from neighboring Ethiopia.
    We have cooperated with lots of very reliable shipping company more than 10 years such as MCC, SITC, COSCO, MAERSK, etc., we export your goods from China via sea freight to Djibouti port. In addition, we export goods from all major Chinese cities, including Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and others.
    LCL Sea freight service
    Benefit from our groupage service which you can export or import your goods easily and without having to fill a shipping container. It is the ideal solution for sending 1 to 8 pallets for export to Djibouti. LCL can save a lot of costs compared to FCL. If your goods are not afraid of colliding with other goods, then LCL is a good choice.
    FCL Sea freight service
    With a relatively large amount of cargos and not wanting to bulk with other cargos, FCL is the ideal choice. FCL Sea freight service is also the best way to avoid any risk of damage to your goods that may be caused by contact with other exporters’ merchandise, FCL is faster than LCL, once cargos have been loading that ships can set out.
    Procession for handling your shipment:
    1, According to your request, we will send the reliable quotation for your reference.
    2, You confirm the price and carrier, then you can inform us how to contact the supplier.
    3, We will contact the supplier and confirm when the goods will be ready and try to book the space from the carrier for you.
    4, We will coordinate with your supplier for the trucking, customs in China.
    5, The goods will be on board, we will send the copy bill of loading for your reference.
    6, You can confirm the goods is on board according the bill of loading, then you can do the payment to us.
    7, After we confirm the payment, we will send the bill of loading to you or your supplier according to your supplier and your request.
    8, We will follow up your shipment daily, also remind to you when the goods will be arrival at.
    9, If there is any question, you can inform us, we will feedback to you.
    Transit time of sea freight from China to Djibouti:
    Since the time of arrival in Djibouti varies from port to port in China, you can roughly estimate it as around 36 days. customs Sea Freight

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