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    And under the sea surface of these group of islandses, the deepest place also only more than ten rices, the most shallow place only has 12 meters.Is total to come to say, this group of islandses including floor of sea none of part that their extension goes out is very deep, but in the waters that they occupy outside, is also square circle 10,000 square kilometer scopes outside, but seem to suddenly meet a precipice, yonder bottom of sea very deep, the average depth comes to a more than 1,000 meters.Seem this group of islandses are the sky platforms that grows out from the bottom of sea similar, very miraculous.
    The Yan flew to understand the data of this waters from the assistance Zhi the brain and acquainted with their geography characteristics in the heart, then continuously deliberate.Does oneself how develop as getting up so in the environment like this if the valley old man says his/her own development chance for the words in this waters?Only an average depth doesn’t get to square neritic waters of circle 10,000 square kilometers of five meters here, there are up also 108 group of islandses of area narrownesses.Although he has an in general use space that keeps a thing, impossible with lend in general use space 1000 sign square the narrow and small space of the rice deliver the supplies come to fill this waters into land.If really use in general use space to do this work, so doing not know would not° until how many years complete this great engineering.
    In addition, these group of islands the top is an all strong and tough rock.Have no fresh water, lifeless, also have no resources.Not only is a group of islands up, Plantation shutters is the bottom of sea here is also an all strong and tough rock, even the sediments all seldom see.There is no sediment, even if make use of China most advancedly and build absolute being machine in the island for sky Kun, he can not also fill here where fear a group of islands.
    Being apart from this waters’ recent nation is an insularity, however even if is this state island of insularity, be apart from the distance of this waters to also have 1,000 kilometers, but China of evil all more far, it is apart from the distance of this waters to come to a many 3,000 kilometers.So even if the Yan flies to make use of his/her own financial power and delivers supplies to arrive this waters from these two places, can not also develop here.
    The Yan flies left think right think, really can not figure out should how develop here.However he isn’t worried either, the previous career has already proven that the foreknowledge ability of valley old man can’t come amiss, the valley old man since tells Yan to fly to develop here, so he is here can definitely develop.The Yan flies and doesn’t find out in the method that here develop now, but along with horary of change, when the time comes he affirmation know that how to should do he.
    Hence after building up the complete data model of this waters in the database lending support to Zhi brain, Yan’s flying don’t stay a long while here, but again ascend unmanned machine, continuing the facing China is all evil direction to run fast but go to.Passed by for an hour again, the unmanned machine crossed all of the group of islandses of insularity and finally arrived evil all inshore.
    Go to this, the unmanned machine is a to sail across whole northern Pacific Ocean in the evening, made a show of terrible flight ability.But because of the reason of jet lag, the unmanned machine starts acting when unmanned group of islands near the rice country west coast is at 12:00 A.M. and arrives in the Nuo country villa park homicide in finishing of San Francisco, to sail across north Pacific Ocean, to discover group of islandses, arrive evil all inshore, current evil all local time incredibly still many at 11:00 p.m., didn’t°yet till 12:00 A.M..The high speed that depends on unmanned machine, the Yan flew to personally experience personally the miraculous place of different time zone.
    Unmanned machine quantum radar start, at evil all the coast looked for an unmanned location, after starting landing on the coast, but waiting until Yan to fly to return to in the coast, unmanned machine then under sink evil all the bottom of sea of open sea, incubate at deep sea sea ditch an on every occasion.This time cross over north Pacific Ocean of flight, let the energy of unmanned machine order exhaustion almost, the energy leaving orders just right ability it incubates in the bottom of sea, then waits until unmanned machine next time a data to break the arrival in time. wooden shutters blinds

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