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    parellel bending beam/miniature load cells
    low profile
    micro structure
    aluminum construction with surface anodized
    recommended platform size:200*200mm
    environment protection class:IP65
    pocket scales
    kitchen scales
    postage scales
    portable scales
    jewellery scales
    small balances
    other platform scales
    coffee machine weighing systems
    LCT Single Point Load Cells have been designed such that their excellent mechanical and measurement properties can be optimally used in a wide range of applications.
    Advantages of LCT Single Point Load Cells/Miniature Load Cells:
    Quick to install thanks to off-center load compensation at the factory (per OIML R60),and only one unit is sufficient to build up a scale.These load cells are moment insensitive.
    Model LAA-BJ load cells are designed to this “single point/miniature”type and manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy of aviation standard. LAA-BJ oad cells can be used to measure loads1,2kg with the measuring accuracy of 0.03% R.O.( R.O.=Rated Output)
    LAA-BJ load cells are mainly used for pocket scales,kitchen scales,postage scales,portable scales,jewellery scales,small balances,other platform scales and coffee machine weighing systems.
    Electronical Connection
    Technical Data
    Miniature load cells
    Rated Capacity1,2 (kg)Excitation,Recommended=6VDC
    Accuracy ClassTOperating Temp.Range-10-+40℃
    Rated Output 1.2±20%mV/VSafe Overload150%R.C.
    Zero Balance±0.1 mV/VInsulation Resistance=2000MO(50VDC)
    Input Resistance1130±20OΩCable,Lengthø5mm×2m
    Output Resistance1000±10O Ω
    Linearlty Error±0.03%R.O.
    Repeatability Error±0.03%R.O.
    Hysteresis Error±0.03%R.O.
    Creep in 2 Min.±0.03%R.O.
    Temp.Effect on Output±0.03%R.O./10℃
    Temp.Effect on Zero±2%R.O./10℃buy Small Load Cell