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    Sponge die cutting press
    Characteristics of Sponge die cutting press:
    1. Double cylinder, precision four-column and double-link automatic balancing mechanism, which makes the cutting depth in the cutting area uniform;
    2. The pressure is stable, and there will be no cutting or edge burrs;
    3. It can accurately correct the cutting steel plate and prevent the plastic cutting board from sticking to the finished product;
    4. Two-break cutting to solve the problem of curvature when cutting pearl cotton, sponge or multi-layer materials;
    5. Sturdy body structure, the machine frame is high-strength welding;
    6. The design of the hydraulic system is more efficient and reduces the amount of electricity used;
    7. Pipeline production, processing center processing.
    Application range of hydraulic die cutting machine:
    I. Automotive interior
    II. Sandpaper
    III. Woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics
    IV. Shoe making industry
    V. Packaging
    VI. Carpet tiles
    VII. Beauty
    VIII. Foam
    1. foam;
    2. Insulating foam;
    3. Electronic foam;
    4. Car foam;
    5. Rubber foam;
    6. Earplugs.
    IX. Rubber products
    1. Sealing material and gasket;
    2. Shockproof materials and insulating materials;
    3. Filter screen;
    4. Stationery, folders.
    X. Medical supplies
    XI. Paper products
    XII. Label
    XIII. Envelopes and letterheads
    XIV. Smart Label
    XV. Mobile phones, electronic components and LCD
    XVI. Other
    1. Blanket
    2. Glass fiber;
    3. Cork;
    4. Sports equipment;
    5. Leather products;
    6. Toys.China Sponge Die Cutting Machine