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    During the operation of the generator, there is energy consumption. These energies become heat energy, which will increase the temperature of the rotor, stator and other components, resulting in aging of the insulation winding, a decrease in output, and even burning of the motor. Therefore, regardless of the capacity of the generator, the stator windings are generally cooled by water, and the rotor windings are cooled by water or air. These cooling waters are called internal cooling water.
    Technical specification
    ModelNo.Volume exchange capacityDefined Shear Rate%Effective Grain Size (mm)Particle Diameter%
    For the treatment of internal cooling circulating water of generator, the conductivity of influent water ≤0.5μs/cm can reach ≤0.15μs/cm. The internal cold water has a resistivity of 15 MΩ or more after passing through the resin, and can be used up to 18 MΩ according to the required filling method. Fully meet the requirements of the internal cold water indicator of the generator. It is suitable for ion exchange treatment and micro-alkaline ion exchange treatment of cold water in generator. The technology has obvious technical advantages over the supplemental condensed water method and the corrosion inhibitor treatment method. By increasing the PH value of the internal cold water, the hollow conductor is in a relatively passivated state, and the corrosion rate of copper is lowered, and the mixed bed is separated. It also acts as a bypass filter.
    Our factory honirs
    ● The Chairman Enterprise of China Ion Exchange Resin Industry Association One of Top 500 Chemical Enterprises of China, ranking among top 100 of the above mentioned enterprises
    ● Involved in the compilation and modification of various national standards and industry standards of resins.
    ● An entity member of Power Plant Chemical Standards Association of China Power Industry
    ● Food Hygiene Approval Permit of Ion Exchange Resin for Food Industry
    ● Tested by SGS,meeting the standards of FDA of the U.S
    Q: Do you provide ion exchange resin samples ?Is it free or extra?
    A: Yes, we could offer 200g free ion exchange resin samples, but don’t pay the cost of freight.
    Q: How long is your ion exchange resin delivery time?
    A: Generally, it is around 3-10 days if the goods are stock. It is according to your quantity.
    Q: What kind of payment?
    A: TT,L/C at sight,Western Union are accept.
    Q: How to place an order?
    A: Send an inquiry-get quotation-approve order-make PI-payment deposit-production-rest and relax-finished products inspection-payment the balance-shipment-good received.
    Q: Where is company located,how can I visit?
    A: Our company is located in Zibo, Shandong, China. It is very convenient for all kinds of transportion.Inner Cooling Water Ion Exchange Resin