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    Company Profile
    Shandong Sunhe Power Technology Co., Ltd. (“Sunhe” or the “company) is a professional power service provider that integrates scientific research, development, design, production, installation construction and field service links of the industry into one. Supported by the governmental policy and as one of the third batch of Jining City’s major investment promotion projects, the company was established in Jining City, Shandong Province with the registered capital of RMB 71.76 million .
    Since its inception, Sunhe has developed one-stop chained service all over the country strategically and set four sales centers (North China Sales Center, Central China Sales Center, East China Sales Center and Northwest Sales Center) and Beijing Commerce and Technology Center, which allow the company to provide service for all major thermal power plants and chemical plants in China by regions. Our products apply to flue gas desulfurization system, denitration system and chemical water treatment system of power plants. Besides, the company has established two international offices in succession (Holland Office, Namibia Office) and 12 offices in China (Daya Bay Office, Sanmen Office, Hongyanhe Office, Qinshan Office, Yangjiang Office, Changjiang Office, Ningde Office, Haiyang Office, Fuqing Office, Chengdu Office, Fangchenggang Office, Xudabao Office) to serve all major nuclear power projects in China, such as China General Nuclear Power System – Daya Bay, Lingdong, Lingao, Taishan, Yangjiang, Fangchenggang, Ningde, Hongyanhe, etc.; China National Nuclear System – Qinshan, Fangjiashan, Tianwan, Fuqing, Sanmen, Changjiang, Xudabao, ect. At present, the company has passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001-2004 Environment Management System and OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety System, and obtained CE certificate and the EU license, thus providing technical and legal support for further development of international market. Currently, Sunhe has led the industry in many fields including anti-corrosion, pipe manufacture and installation. Facing intensive market competition and strict industry access mechanism, we calmly analyze the market trend, comprehensively grasp the development opportunities and calmly respond to risk challenges. Besides, we have successively undertaken and completed anti-corrosion work and material supply work with high quality, high requirement and high standards for major domestic and international projects, and our work has been highly confirmed and praised by our client.
    Great results not only witness the rise of Sunhe brand, but also reflect the top quality of Sunhe products. Sunhe has been always serving users wholeheartedly with leading technology and excellent products. To achieve this purpose, Sunhe continuously perfects team building and has developed a team of more than 200 staff, of which the technical team consists of one academician, seven doctors, three professor-level senior engineers, three senior engineers and seventeen people of intermediate technical titles. Up to now, we have developed a set of perfect scientific research and production service system that enables us to provide one-stop service including site survey and measurement, technological process design, equipment
    In response to the requirement on group development, the company has established Engineering Management Center, Material Supply Center, Equipment Manufacturing Center and Shandong Workstation of Academicians to be in charge of different service needs.
    Engineering Management Center mainly engages in newly built nuclear power engineering, thermal power engineering, chemical engineering, electromechanical engineering of mines, overhaul & technological transformation engineering of power plants and others. Recently, we have undertaken overhaul engineering of auxiliary machinery engineering of dozens of domestic millions- level generator sets and the conventional island of China general nuclear system. Installation, debugging and overhaul projects mainly include the water treatment system of the conventional islands of nuclear power plants, fuel transport system of thermal power plants, pneumatic ash conveying system, slag removal system, dust-removal system, desulfurization and denitration system, chemical water treatment system, boiler and auxiliary system, steam engine system and auxiliary system, air and flue gas system, coal pulverizing system and commercial water treatment engineering.
    Material Supply Center is a one-stop industrial supply chain integration company which specializes in integrating manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers to provide planning consultation, technical support, supply chain management, after-sales service for clients and is mainly responsible for supplying various materials for the power plants and nuclear power stations. After years of accumulation, Sunhe has twelve product systems and tens of thousands types product materials that can satisfy one-stop material purchase demands of different industrial clients. At present, the company has a large number of world-class products in the industrial fields and is capable of providing comprehensive nuclear power material and integrated solutions including stainless steel series, carbon steel series, UPVC series, valves series, FRP series and PE/PP pipes, anti-corrosion paints, fittings accessories, aluminium silicate, glass cotton, rock wool and rubber plastics and rigid polyurethane foaming.
    Equipment Manufacturing Center mainly engages in producing nuclear-level interior and exterior hot dip pipes and equipment; water treatment and anti-corrosion equipment; modified dipped pipe and equipment; rubber lined pipe and equipment; lining plastic pipes and equipment. The company has made huge investments to introduce domestic first-class plastic-dipped and rubber-lined production equipment, which can be used to manufacture and process different models, specifications and materials of products and satisfy different clients demands. Upon completion, new nuclear power industry park will become the largest manufacturer of rubber and plastic compound lined pipes in China.
    Shandong Workstation of Academicians is a provincial workstation jointly established by Shandong Sunhe Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Academician Hou Baorong of Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Science and Hou’s team. The workstation is mainly devoted to combining production-learning-research links, in an effort of realizing industrialization of anti-corrosion operations, and more importantly carries out R&D of new technology against disadvantages of anti-corrosion measures of various pipes and fittings, and meanwhile, promotes and applies OTC(oxidative polymerization coating anti-corrosion technology), PTC(petrolatum tape and covering system) and multiple other technologies developed by the research institute in the power industry.
    “Integrity oriented, Specialty based” is the business philosophy and value pursuit of Sunhe people. Inspired and encouraged by such philosophy and pursuit, Sunhe Power will repay users with higher enthusiasm, better quality and service and make great contributions to the development of Chinese nuclear and military industry national defense. China ASME carbon steel pipe suppliers